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The U.S. Department of State maintains per diem rates for its employees that travel Brazil, ranging from a low of $141.00 USD to a high of $365.00 USD per day, depending on city visited.
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Brazil Visa, Passport, and Document Information

A free resource for Brazilian citizens, travelers and expats

This site is a free resource intended both for foreigners who plan to visit Brazil and for Brazilian nationals who are traveling abroad. Here you will find comprehensive information about visa and passport requirements, necessary documentation, immunizations, travel checklists, and helpful tips.

We have also compiled an in-depth guide to the immigration and naturalization process. Compared to moderately flexible immigration laws in many South American countries, Brazil’s immigration laws are complicated and require thorough advanced planning. While we cannot provide legal advice, the wealth of information on this site should assist you in gathering the paperwork and prepare you for a meeting with an immigration attorney, should you choose to retain legal counsel.

A large number of inquiries we receive comes from expatriates who live in Brazil. Brazil’s vibrant expat community includes career diplomats assigned in foreign embassies and consulates, private sector employees on secondments, aid workers for international organizations and NGOs, missionaries, local hires and their families. International students, which comprise a large population in Brazil’s colleges and universities, also have a genuine need for reliable information. We have attempted to address the needs of this community by encompassing answers to the unique set of challenges that it faces while living, studying, and working in Brazil.

Our guides also feature commentary from leading professionals with a thorough knowledge of Brazil and its immigration policies and procedures offering a perspective from a variety of industries, including lawyers, entrepreneurs, travel representatives, and hospitality agents. Although keeping up with the ever-changing Brazilian laws and policies is essential, you can gain a great deal of knowledge from people who work in relevant industries in Brazil and abroad.

We hope you will find this resource helpful as you prepare for your travel while in Brazil and abroad.